Funky Series' Products

These include just about anything I come up with.  From integrated amps, preamps, phonostages, power amps, etc.

A lot of new surround sound receivers become non repairable due to the logic controllers malfunction. Many manufactures would rather sell new unit than repairing their older models. In many cases, it is because the technology has become obsolete, and parts are not available. In other cases, manufacture simply can make more money by selling new units then fixing their old models.

We save the chassis, transformer, heatsink, speaker binding posts and RCA jacks from these units and create truly one of a kind audio piece with my touch of art on the outside. All the electronic parts, mechanical switches are brand new. These are parts that contribute to sound quality. Cost saving from the unnecessary part such as fancy machined thick aluminum front panel, big LED display which do nothing to the sound. As a result, these units are very affordable and perfect for the beginners. This was the idea initially. After 2 years, we have many seasoned audiophiles looking to own one of this unique piece of audio component because of it very high sonic performance to cost ratio.

All of these Funky components feature our SP Cap Pack and/or FCF plug and play external power capacitor upgrade connector.  Allowing the user to upgrade the amp without needing to send back to the factory.

Most of these units have been sold.  I am constantly making new units.  As long as I can find non repairable surround sound receivers more units will be made.  Some units are commissioned.  Most are being made when I have time and the mood is right.  There are always some unit available for sale.  If you wish to commission a unit, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.


Onik Yo 723

A 50 watt per channel integrated amp made from an old Onkyo surround sound receiver.  Built-in balanced ac power transformer.

4 line level input.

Suc Dun 823

A 45 watts per channel stereo power amplifier with separate power supply.

The sail of the boat, using as heatsink, was the front panel of a Sudgen CD21SE CD player.  The grilled covers were a pair of old Sony surround sound speakers.

Cookie Can preamp feature an outboard power supply.  Three line level inputs, SE and BAL preamp output.

Her name is Pen Lay May 2023.  Come out from a Panasonic receiver made in May 2023.

A commission integrated amp with remote volume control.  50 watts per channel, three line level inputs.  Gold plated binding post and RCA input jacks.  

Eye Egg 00

That is her name.  Stands for i800.  It was the prototype of i800 integrated amp.

3 line level input.  50 watts per channel.

September 2021 Power Amp

120 watts per channel Class AB stereo power amplifier.

Yammy 723

Made in July 2023 from a Yamaha surround sound receiver.  3 line level input.  36 watts per channel.

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