Other Accessories 

A few extra items that don't belong to any category 

DFA 1-4

It is a Damping Factor Adjuster.  Which adjusts damping factor of an amplifier to suit various speaker demand.  It is like having a tube amp and solid-state amp at the same time and instant adjustable between the two.

The dials allow the user fine tune the damping factor to the exact point.  The bypass switch allow instant A/B compare with and without the damping factor in line.

Damping Factor Controllers

Models:  DF1,  DF8 and DF16

These are damping factor device similar to the DFA 1-4.  However, these models have a fix value of Damping Factor.  DF1 will adjust the damping factor equal to 1.  DF8 to damping factor to 8 and DF16 to 16.  Designed to be install in line with the speaker cable.  It can either install at the amp end or the speaker ends.

In Line Balanced Fix Attenuators

Available in XLR and RCA terminations

-6db, -10db, -15db, -20db

To decrease the overall gain of the power amp or integrated amp which allow the use of the upper part of the volume control for more accuracy and better dynamic. 

In Line Balanced Variable Attenuators

Three adjustable attenuations.  -10db, -15db and -20db

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