FCF (Fab Cap Fanute) Capacitor Pack

Power Capacitor Packs are designed to increase storage energy for integrated amps and power amps

 They are available in various voltages from 35V to 100V

 FCF units are also suitable for use with other brands of products


330,000uF at 35 volts

240,000uF at 50 volts

140,000uF at 63 volts

131,200uF at 80 volts

Not available in 100 volts of above


660,000uF at 35 volts

480,000uF at 50 volts

280,000uF at 63 volts

262,400uF at 80 volts

190,400uF at 100 volts (will top ventilation grill)

Click here for additional pictures of FCF2 Power Capacitor Pack

FCF2 100V


990,000uF at 35 volts

720,000uF at 50 volts

420,000uF at 63 volts

393,600uF at 80 volts

168,000uF at 100 volts

Click here for additional pictures of FCF3 Power Capacitor Pack

George Taylor of Entracte Audio (our Toronto, Ontario, Canada dealer) explains how the SP Capacitor Packs and FCF Power Capacitor Packs connect to Angela-Gilbert Yeung products.

Custom FCFs

FCF technology can easily be applied to other brands of audio equipment. It requires some modifications to the original unit. Contact our dealers for further details. 

Click here to see some examples of custom FCFs 

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