One of a Kind Projects

These projects are truly one of a kind commissioned by individuals who want the sound quality of my design in a non traditional enclosures

Most of these enclosures and color theme were chosen by the commissioner

Blue Holstein BBQ Grill Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier with Cowboy Sphere Power Supply

An 80 watts per channel stereo power amplifier switchable to 160 watts in mono.  Separate power supply.  Additional power jacks for future plug and play upgrades.

The rare steak on top of the grill (heatsink) is for decoration only.  The heatsink will never run warm enough to cook the steak.

A C310 preamp built into an Atwater Kent Model 20 Radio Set

This antique radio set was dated back in the mid 1920 made by Atwater Kent of Philadelphia, PA, USA.   A brand new C310 preamp was built into it.  The enclosure was restored by the owner who is also a professional cabinet maker.

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